UO Ages breathes fresh life into the timeless classic. Our foundation is built on the Renaissance era, focused on Felucca ruleset. No Trammel, No item bless deeds or insurance. Enjoy the PVP/PVM you’ve grown to love with the risk vs. reward that brings excitement to new and returning players.

Seasons are one of the unique features we’ve added to the UO:R ruleset. Climb the PVP and PVM leaderboards for your chance at unique rares and items only available during that specific season. Lasting only four months, players will battle for their spot on the leaderboards and everyone is encouraged to participate. When the season is over, a new one begins and you may choose a new character to join, as your existing seasonal player reverts back to normal character status. Lastly, each season will have a special dungeon reserved only for the players that choose to join. This will change from season to season!

We’ve enhanced the taming system with the addition of Mythic Pets. Found in the wild (or found as loot from champion spawns), these pets evolve as you level them up. Progressing from level 1 through 10, they will change in appearance and become more and more powerful. Additionally, they have potential to learn special abilities that will make them even stronger.

We’ve also taken crafting to new levels with the introduction of Mythic Crafting. Consuming rare materials found in the world, Mythic Crafting will only be available for crafters of 120 skill in Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Tailoring, Inscription, Alchemy, or Tinkering. These will be highly sought-after items and hard to come by.

Our vision is taking the best parts of the game and constantly introducing new content to explore. Our staff is dedicated to making the best Ultima Online experience available today and will always be available for suggestions or feedback. We’re inviting all players to join us on a new adventure – relive old memories and create many more!