Battle for your spot on the PVM or PVP leaderboards and claim unique seasonal items. A true risk vs. reward experience.

Mythic Pets

Tame rare animals and train them to become fierce beasts. As they level, their appearance evolves and so do their abilities. Which one will you choose?

Supply Cache

Available in multiple sizes with increasing amounts of space, restock from supply caches and get back to the action faster.

Mythic Crafting

Hone your crafting skills and refine rare materials into incredible, highly sought-after items.

Custom Bosses

Plunge into the dungeon depths and band together for challenging boss encounters, where victors reap top-tier loot.

Much More

Fresh and exclusive content constantly introduced giving you a living, breathing world to explore.

Coming Soon


Face off against other players with high-stakes, no-limit Texas Holdem poker. More games revealed soon!

Mythic Mages

Master the arcane arts and grow more powerful than ever before. Decimate your foes and leave a trail of death in your wake.

Mythic Warriors

Discover your true potential to awaken as a champion, bringing forth destruction and mayhem with your weapon of choice.