Server: login.uoages.com

Port: 2593

Download Launcher

Will install ClassicUO, Razor and our client.  Will also setup a ClassicUO profile called “UOAges” with the server info already set up.  Some people have an issue with the launcher preventing the install so if you are familiar with setting up a ClassicUO profile the bundle may be the better option. Be sure to run as admin.


Download Bundle

Our client packaged with ClassicUO and Razor.  You will need to setup your own profile for ClassicUO.


Download Client

Just our client files.  This is the option to choose if you want to use your existing version of ClassicUO and set it up yourself, or if you want to use another assistant.

Please consider visiting ClassicUO’s Website and making a donation.  The software has become an important part of bringing free-shards into modern times.