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Throughout Britannia, players will come across Mythical animals they may tame. They will spawn when other powerful monsters are killed. They typically start at level 1 and have the potential to reach level 10. As they gain experience, they evolve and grow stronger. Like other pets, the Mythics must kill monsters to gain experience and must be fed to maintain loyalty. Current Mythic pets that are available: Dragon, Spider, and Bear.

Mythic Pets

Mythic pets won’t be as strong in player versus player situations, but they should still be strong enough to scare off most attackers.

There is a multitude of ways to obtain your own Mythic. Mythic summoning items can be obtained from various endgame PvM fights, primarily Champion Spawns and Guardians. These Mythic summoning items can be double-clicked and the player will receive a Mythic pet between levels 1 and 10. The Mythical summon items are Dragon Scale, Spider Cocoon, and Bear Totem.

Level requirements

Level 1 60 Animal Taming
Level 2 65 Animal Taming
Level 3 70 Animal Taming
Level 4 75 Animal Taming
Level 5 80 Animal Taming
Level 6 90 Animal Taming
Level 7 100 Animal Taming
Level 8 105 Animal Taming
Level 9 110 Animal Taming
Level 10 120 Animal Taming
  • This is just the requirement to level the pet. Lore still plays a part in chance to control the pet.

Mythic Pets can learn various abilities via tomes. Some Mythics will benefit from specific tomes more so than others.

Pet Abilities

Tome Ability Description Bonus
Fire Tome Searing Touch Burns the target for [15 * Level] Damage over 10 seconds. Mythic Dragon: +3 Damage per tick.
Darkness Tome Shadow Call Damages up to 3 targets in an area around the Mythic Pet for [6 * Level] damage over 10 seconds. Mythic Spider: Applies poison in addition to damage.
Earth Tome Stone Skin Mitigates 30% of incoming damage for [1.5 * Level] seconds, this damage is reflected back at the attacker. Mythic Bear: 50% damage reduction and reflects a minimum of 15 damage.
Water Tome Vicious Torrent Deals [12 * Level] damage to a target instantly. None
Light Tome Holy Light Heals the pet for [20 * Level] hit points, restores [12 * Level] stamina, and damages the target for [4 * Level] damage. None
Wind Tome Howling Gust Hits up to 6 targets for [4 * Level] damage. If only 1 target is available this is increased to [7 * Level] damage. None

Pet Stages

Mythic Bears Stages
Mythic Spiders Stages
Mythic Dragons Stages