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To join seasons, find the Seasonal Join Stone at Britain Bank. Here you will double click it and see the following:

Join Seasons Gump

Players will be asked to confirm their decision while interacting with the stone, as all skills, skill caps, and stats will be reset. You must type ACCEPT in the gump in order to confirm that this will RESET ALL YOUR SKILLS

Each Season will run concurrently every 4 months and all players are encouraged to participate. To join, simply visit and interact with the Seasonal Join Stone at West Brit Bank.

Players will be given the choice of selecting two skills to set at 50.

Select two skills to set to 50


Seasonal items (weapons, armor, treasure maps, etc) can be found throughout Britannia and also crafted by Seasonal crafters.

During each Season, a global leaderboard will track PvM and PvP scores. Those that finish in first place at the end of each Season will receive unique items, and there will be special items for people in the top 10. To view the leaderboard, use the command [leaderboard while in game.

Each Season will have a dungeon available only for Seasonal players. This will help to prevent established players from easily killing newly Seasoned players. Only Seasonal characters may enter a Seasonal dungeon - including level one of that dungeon.

Seasonal coins can be found as rare loot from monsters and in treasure chests for all players participating in that Season. Coins can be used to purchase Seasonal items including special hue masks, cloth, sandals, dyes, home decor, and much more.

When a Season comes to an end, that Season’s coin will not drop anymore from anywhere. Seasons and their rewards will not be reused. At the beginning of a new Season, a different dungeon will be selected along with different coins and items to spend those coins on.

Seasonal players can attack both Seasonal and non-Seasonal players. The same goes for non-Seasonal players. Additionally, non-Seasonal players can use Seasonal items, but Seasonal players must use Seasonal items.

Once the Season finishes, all Seasonal players will revert to normal status and maintain all of their skills/stats. All Seasonal items (weapons, armor, etc) will also revert to normal status.

Seasonal Monsters

Each season certain monsters will be tagged with "Age of X" where X is the current season. These monsters will drop extra rare loot including the current seasons colored cloth, Mythic Tome Pages and occasionally rare season-colored statues. The tougher the monster the more likely it is to drop one of these rare items.

The special monsters for The Age of Giants are: Ettins, Trolls, Ogres, Cyclops, Titans, and Ogre Lords.

A seasonal ettin from The Age of Giants.

Seasonal PvP Score

When a seasonal player kills another seasonal player they will be awarded PvP score. Players in the same guild, alliance, or connecting from the same IP will not count. Players with -3 score or less than 500 total skill points will not count. Players will lose seasonal PvP score every 48 hours if they have not killed another player for points. This happens at the same rate that they would lose score if they died, unless otherwise stated.

Victim Points Points Transferred
-2 to 9 1
10 to 19 2
20 to 29 3
30 to 39 4
40 to 99 5
100+ 8% of Total (Rounded) for death, 5% of Total for Decay